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“Arianna’s comforting presence was an important key to my awakening as a conscious parent. Her gentle and clear guidance helped me experience life-altering shifts, not only in relationship with my children but also in my personal growth.”.

-Aimee Cullwick, Carbondale, CO
I love being of service. My heart tells me that devotionally serving parents and families with the highest and most heartfelt consciousness is my calling. I am extremely passionate about conscious parenting, personal evolution, and freedom schooling. I believe how we show up as parents and choose to “raise” the next generation, will transform the world into a more compassionate and loving place. I know this may be a lofty belief but I have seen firsthand that by showing up for our children with a deep awareness and more empathetic ear, we see the transformation within ourselves, within our children, their connection with us, and with the world. Let’s join together to co-create a more emotionally aware, loving and compassionate generation!

I am a coach, advocate, educator, speaker, and writer – advocating for a new paradigm of parenting, a focus on authentic living, personal transformations, and freedom schooling for children. I am passionate about supporting parents to shift their perceptions about parenting to bring about more ease, peace, and connection with themselves and their children. I help parents see their child’s true essence and parent the child in front of them, bringing about authentic connections. I provide a nurturing and safe space for parents to enter into deep exploration and support each client in their own personal transformation. Parents are the hub of the family, and when we are able to shift our perspectives, perceptions, and beliefs the whole family is able to shift, resulting in true partnership and connection. I support parents, not only helping them find the tools to deepen their connection with their children, but at the same time turn that nurturing and love towards themselves. I help parents see that the parenting journey is a practice of raising not only children but also themselves through a deeper awareness of their own needs and desires.

I am also an advocate for freedom schooling, changing the schooling paradigm and how we view learning. I support families in integrating freedom schooling philosophies into their every day lives to bring about a more autonomous and authentic life for everyone in the family unit. This advocacy includes advocating for children’s rights and bringing about more understanding around the injustices that children face every day.

Arianna Family
Most importantly, I am a mother, step-mother, and grandmother. Beyond all the research, courses, mentorships, and certifications, my experiences as a step-mom, mother, grandmother, and wife have awakened my soul to how important it is for our children that we educate ourselves about parenting, in particular nurturing in a conscious and heartfelt way.

Professionally I am a former lawyer who left private practice in Big Law for a much tougher job—Motherhood. I have a B.A. from Duke University and a Law Degree from American University, Washington College of Law. While my formal education did not qualify me or prepare me for motherhood, it did give me the confidence and skills to dive in head first and commit to experiential learning. And for the past decade I have immersed myself in learning all that I can about parenting, conscious parenting, brain development, spiritual psychology, freedom schooling, unschooling, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and self-transformation.

And for the other credentials…I am a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach and a Certified Yoga Instructor. My coaching is greatly influenced by my 9 years of mentorship with Conscious Parenting and Prenatal Psychologist, Dr. Cecily Miller, who has mentored me in conscious mothering from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth and in early childhood development.

My coaching is influenced by my mentor of the past 3 years, Suzi Lula, Spiritual Counselor and Therapist. Suzi Lula has impacted by world view and the way I hold space for my clients. In the world of Freedom Schooling, I am a prodigy to Dayna Martin, the Radical Unschooling Guru, who is transforming the world by passionately spreading the word about unschooling and children’s rights.

The wisdom I share is greatly influenced by the founder of the Conscious Parenting movement Dr. Shefali Tsabary, who I have worked with personally and completed her Conscious Parenting Coaching Certification. I feel blessed to have worked with other mentors in the field of Parenting and Healing, such as Dr. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Jolette Jai, and Elica Miller.

Arianna Family
Conscious Parenting Coach
Cecily Miller
Arianna Family

Personally, I am a life-long evolver – always looking for the lesson and growth in all lifes experiences.  I have been through many evolutions in this lifetime thus far – growing deeply in each transformation brought my way.  It has not been linear but a wonderful and thrilling roller coaster.  I am a mom to Garrison, and a step-mom to Kellie, Ryan, and Meaghan, and a grandmother (Ji-Ma) to Jaxton.  I cherish all these roles as all the children/adult-children and grandchildren have been my greatest teachers.  Being part of a Modern Family” I have experience with the challenges of co-parenting and the beauty of a large family with many moving pieces.  I am grateful for my husband, Gary, as his support through our co-creation of our family and parenting has allowed me to safely dive deep into my own darkness and emerge to help others heal and be more conscious parents.  

Peace Calm and Connection

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