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“Arianna has held her authentic commitment to heal, grow, and evolve herself for the benefit of herself, her children, family, marriage, and all mothers as her highest priority. Arianna has helped pioneer a new paradigm of conscious mothering and parenting”.

– Cecily Miller, Bevolved (Prenatal Psychologist)

Let’s See Our Child’s True Essence and Nurture It through Freedom and Connection

I offer Awakened Parenting and Freedom Schooling Coaching. You can book a discovery call or send me an email through the contact page to get started right away and to start on your path to parenting through connection rather than control and bringing more joy, connection, ease and freedom to your parenting practice and relationship.

There is always a lesson….Life provides us with so many opportunities to learn and grow, and parenting is certainly one of them. I am here to be a resource and support you as you learn and grow parenting in a new paradigm. It is not about being the perfect parent but about equipping ourselves with the knowledge and healing necessary to show up for our children in the most compassionate way with a great awareness of ourselves and them, which is the essence of awakened parenting and parenting as a partnership..

Through my parenting coaching sessions and classes you will be supported as you deepen your connection with your child. You will also learn to nurture more compassion for yourself. I am here to support you in your journey to LOVE Parenting. I am here to serve and to share my passion for parenting, freedom, and self-growth with anyone and everyone.

It is our job to usher in our child’s true essence and to nurture our own generous and loving hearts through parenting. We are here to guide them but also to follow their lead. As parents we hold the keys to creating a generation and world that is compassionate, self-aware, confident, resilient, cooperative, and emotionally healthy. Yes, that sounds like a daunting responsibility…that is why parenting is truly a challenging practice, and we all need support and love as we journey through life as parents.

I am here to help parents feel understood, seen, and heard so that they can then learn how to validate and effectively help their children feel unconditionally loved, seen, and heard so that their core needs are met. Through supporting the parent and teaching tools to meet their own needs, I am to support my clients in creating amazing connection and cooperation between Parent and Child.

I am here to support you on this beautiful and rewarding journey to FREEDOM and CONNECTION, in your relationship and schooling choices.

Awakened Parenting Is Really Learning To Nurture And Love Yourself.

I don’t have all the answers but I do know from experience, research, my life’s journey and my training and mentoring, that through nurturing attuned connections with our children we we can stop the power struggles and live in harmony, with a life of freedom, peace, love, and connection.

I invite you to join me on that journey of realizing your path as an awakened parent and/or a Freedom Schooler. Book a free discovery call with me.

with Love, Arianna
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Through my parenting coaching sessions and classes, you will be supported as you deepen your connection with your child. You will also learn to nurture more compassion for yourself. I am here to support you on your journey to LOVE Parenting, to awaken to your own needs, your child’s needs, and to nurture your own self-compassion, to help you foster attuned connections with yourself and with your child. I am here to serve and to share my passion for parenting.

10-Week Awakened Parent Coaching Program

The 10-Week AWAKENED PARENT COACHING PROGRAM is the most comprehensive parenting program I offer. This program provides parents with the tools and support they need to implement more conscious and peaceful parenting techniques in their everyday parenting. This program is about making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships. No one expects you to be a peaceful parent all the time. Perfection is an illusion and when we stop chasing it we become freer to live our real authentic selves and be authentic loving parents that nurture a deep connection with our children.

What You Receive:

10 weekly private sessions with me – where we will discuss your parenting questions and struggles, and help you shift faster, bringing more connection and cooperation into your home
10 weekly audios – walking you through 10 different Conscious Parenting topics and tools
Practical handouts that correspond with the weekly topics to help you dive deeper and make bigger transformations in your parenting between our private sessions.
Unlimited Email support

Who This Program Is For:

This program is for parents who are seeking support to parent with more peace, ease, connection and joy.
This program is for parents who want to deepen their awareness of themselves, nurture more self-compassion, and learn how to meet their own needs so they are better able to meet their child’s needs on a daily basis.
Parents who want to nurture empathy and self-compassion so that they can model empathy for their children’s feelings and needs.
This program is for parents who are desiring to parent in a more conscious and peaceful way but need more support in figuring out how to implement peaceful parenting practices.
Parents who realize that “conventional parenting” motivates children through fear and want to motivate their children through love and connection
This program is for parents who want to stop using time-outs, consequences, or punishments as means to discipline their child – and find ways to handle difficult situations without creating separation or undermining their connection with their children.
Parents who want to learn how to accept their child’s big emotions and learn ways to hold space for their child to express themselves no matter how uncomfortable it may be.
Healing the Past – Bringing Parental Patterns to Awareness
We must shine a light on ourselves as parents to see what we are bringing to our parenting relationship. Through this program, I provide a deep transformational experience for you as a parent, to help you let go of unresolved feelings and unconscious belief patterns left from your own childhood that are unconsciously (maybe even consciously) affecting the way you parent and show up for yourself, for your children, and family. In this program and through our one-on-one coaching, you will be able to release beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back as a peaceful parent, and instead, replace them with empowered beliefs.
Emotional Awareness, Emotional Regulation and Self-Care
I will help you learn to regulate your own emotions so that you can respond to your children from a place of love rather than reactivity. You will also learn how to provide yourself Self-Care so that you can serve your family with a full-tank and not feeling depleted. When we feel depleted and like we are running on empty it is very hard to regulate our own emotions and not respond to our children from a place of reactivity. I will help you transform your reactivity into conscious responsive reflections and validation for your child, which will nurture your relationship with one another. This program will give you tools to coach your children through challenging situations at the same time deepen the connection between you and your children in the process. These tools will not only help you handle family obstacles with compassion but they also help you find more self- compassion in the process. It is essential that we find more self-love and forgiveness because parenting is the hardest practice, we must honor that for ourselves, and not beat ourselves up.

When we as parents increase our own emotional intelligence, this results in the ability to be more effective emotional coaches for our children helping them navigate their emotions and feelings, and thus resulting in an ability as time goes on for our children to express themselves in healthy effective ways, to name their feelings and emotions, rather than project their feelings and take them out on those around them.

Loving Boundaries and Limits
We will explore setting limits, helping you learn to set limits without the need for threats, yelling, bribes, or punishments but rather through a calm respectful tone, clear language, and learning to teach your core family values all at the same time. Even research shows that manipulation and punishments don’t work for long-term cooperation. By learning to set boundaries for yourself and for your children in a more loving way, you will be nurturing your connection with your children rather than undermining it as we do a lot of the time when we yell or set limits as a threat. Your conscious limit setting will encourage cooperation and will let your child know you are on his/her side, and you two are working together.
Shifting from Control to Guidance and Cooperation
Through the 10 weeks of coaching, we will also work on shifting the parenting dynamic from one of control to one of guidance and coaching. When we learn to guide rather than be a master or control it releases us from the pressure of omnipresent rule and responsibility. Who wants to feel totally responsible for everything? It is overwhelming and exhausting and acting out of a place of control rather than the guidance we hurt our connection and the trust our children have in us. No one likes to be controlled or feel like they are being manipulated but we do this every day with our children through controlling behaviors, bribes, threats and simply acting out of reactivity. So I will help you shift this dynamic and shift into cooperation and guidance rather than the need for control and dominance. This shift makes for profound changes in the parent-child relationship.
Mistakes, Repair and Forgiveness
You will learn the beautiful art of REPAIR. Because there is no such thing as the perfect parent, there will be times we forget to pause and regulate our own emotions before responding to our children. So learning how to offer repair and healing to our children when we have gone down the wrong path is one of the most transformational aspects of conscious parenting. We will work on that together so you can learn to turn challenges, struggles, and mistakes – into opportunities for deep connection. This is also modeling for them how to apologize and take responsibility for their actions, as well as the art of Forgiveness.
Brain Science and Child Development
You will learn a bit about brain science to understand what your child at any given age is really experiencing and what reasonable expectations you might be able to expect or not expect of them with regard to their behavior, capabilities, regulations, and emotions. Also, the Brain Science regarding how emotional states affect our brain and why we are not able to reason and neither are our children when we are in heightened emotional states.
Holding Space – Compassionate Listening Skills
Do you feel like you walk on eggshells trying to prevent your child’s meltdowns or big emotions? At times we all go out of our way to avoid our children’s upsets because sometimes we just don’t feel like we can handle it. But I truly believe with the right perspective and the right tools parents can hold space for their children and themselves, even in the midst of very big emotions. And believe it or not, you can even look forward to and feel a sense of relief when your child shows big emotions because these moments bring about deeper connection for you and your child and provide for even smoother interactions going forward. In our Awakened Parenting Coaching, the shifts you make enable you to hold space in an empathetic way that makes your child feel seen and heard and, most of all, deeply connected to you, all through you gaining tools and the ability to hold space for them and be able to simply observe their big emotions and not have to fix them. Through our coaching you will learn how empathy is truly the key to you feeling seen and heard, as well as your children feeling seen and heard- and how empathy is the key to most of our shifts within ourselves and in our connections with our children.
Playfulness and Simply Play
I will help you find ways to laugh more and enter your Child’s space with more playful energy. Playful attentiveness and laughter is a sure way to bring more trust and feeling of love into any relationship and most definitely laughter and play is the way to our children’s hearts.

Individual Coaching Session

I offer coaching packages separate from my larger program. You can buy coaching packages in sets of 1, 3, 6, or 10 sessions. This is also how clients continue transforming after the all-inclusive 10-week Awakened Heart Parenting Program.

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